Watch These Bengal Kittens Having A Blast On The Sliding Board


If there is one thing that makes me smile consistently, it’s watching kittens. It doesn’t matter whether there is one kitten playing with a ball of yarn or an entire litter playing together frantically, it is something that is sure to make me smile from the heart. That certainly was the case when I saw this video, where Bengal kittens were playing on the sliding board and throughout the backyard, and it was almost too cute to handle.

When they first start playing, they really were only wrestling at the bottom of the slide but it isn’t long before they learn more about how the slide works. Soon, they can be seen running to the top of the slide and coming down in a flying ball of fur. They also play with each other throughout the yard, ambushing each other from behind the bushes and occasionally, going a little bit crazy and running up the slide the wrong way.

Bengal cats are absolutely adorable, and that goes double for these little kittens. If you haven’t had your smile for today, this is your opportunity to grab a big one and run with it.

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