Watch This Adorable Cat Play with a Pacifier


There is something that many parents appreciate and may use on a regular basis but other parents avoid like the plague. It is the simple pacifier, and as far as babies are concerned, it is a great way to keep them content between nursing or when they are just a little bit fussy. When you watch this video, you will recognize that human babies are not the only ones who appreciate a pacifier.

What could be cuter than a baby with a pacifier? Perhaps a fluffy white kitten that has found a pacifier and decides that he is going to use it for all it’s worth. When you see the size of the pacifier compared to the kitten, you will recognize that it is truly bigger than life in his world, but he doesn’t allow it to slow him down.

The kitten comes charging into the room and is darting around frantically, trying to get the most out of his newfound treasure. As it turns out, he has borrowed the pacifier from the baby in the family but he is not about ready to give up this new treasure that he prizes so much.

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