Brilliant Idea That Is Saving The Lives Of Thousands Of Cats


It is hard to imagine but even with all of the education and advice regarding the adoption of pets, there are still 3 million companion animals euthanised every single year. That is a horrible devastating statistic and one charity in particular, has decided to tackle the problem head on with a wonderful idea, that solves the problems of both the animal and its new owner. The idea as with most clever ideas is blindingly simple and obvious when it is explained to you, and will have you scratching your head as to why this solution was not thought of before.

Spokanimal a non profit charity realised that there are lots of commercial ventures that could benefit from the rodent catching abilities of cats. Farms, warehouses and lots of other similar properties are plagued with mice and rats and the addition of a friendly feline, could solve this problem instantly. And of course for the cat, their life is saved and they get to enjoy their life and get to do what nature intended.

Being able to save so many cat lives is such an honourable pursuit, and I urge you to watch this video and learn more about the wonderful charity and its efforts. Facebook video may take a few moments to load.

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