This Little Bunny Cat Will Make You Smile


Some of our furry friends can get off to a bad start in life through no fault of their own, the cat in this next video, for instance, was born without any front legs. When you consider how much cats love to jump about and hunt, the lack of two front legs is quite a disability. The owner of the cat handed it into an animal shelter, where the chances of a disabled cat getting rehomed are actually pretty minimal.

However, sometimes some things are simply meant to be and it just so happened that a worker at the hospice had a pretty good idea about someone that would give this animal a forever home. When her human owner first set eyes on here the decision was made instantly, and these two have formed an amazing bond, of love, trust, and friendship.The thing to remember about this little animal is that she has never known any other way and so she has grown up and adapted to her situation. But as you can tell when you watch the video, this cat loves her life and is not held back or frustrated in any way possible. If you love cats this is a lovely video to inspire you and give you a warm fuzzy feeling deep inside.

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