Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Why Your Cat Does What It Does


We all love our cats, for how they look and make us feel. They are funny, arrogant and weird all at the same time, but most of all, they are our cats and we love them now and always.

But as a cat enthusiast, have you ever wondered why cats do some of the things they do? For instance, why do they always have to sit on the TV remote control, or in my case my work bag, or suit trousers. Regularly I come down to go to work and my poor trousers are covered in cat fur.

Well, it transpires that cats can actually be quite insecure, and if they decide you are giving too much attention to something they want to be the centre of your attention. So they deliberately sit on the remote control or in my case my work trousers, because they see my wearing those and going out for the entire day. So this is a sign of jealousy, pure and simple. In the video below there are further explain actions for nine other behaviours that cats demonstrate, so if you are truly interested in understanding your cat better, this video will be a hugely interesting one for you to watch. I know I certainly learnt quite a lot.

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