Mummy Cat Decides To Entertain Her Kittens, Hilarious


Having children is one thing, but as any mother knows keeping those children entertained can be quite another challenge in and of itself. But as mothers all we want is for our children to be happy, and generally we will do whatever it takes to ensure their happiness. This is not just a human reaction, it also applies to most of the animals within the world, and in this excellent video, we get to see a cat trying her best to stop her babies fighting and give them some entertainment.

Personally, I have never been able to witness anything like what you are about to watch in real life, but I really wish I had. The two little kittens are play fighting with each other on what looks to be a kitchen surface. Mummy is not at all happy about this development and decides initially that the only way to stop it happening, is to distract them with some of her own entertainment. When initially that fails she gives them both a cuff round the earhole and then goes back to making funny movements and a little dance for their benefit. This is beautifully captured on camera and gives us a stunning insight into feline parenthood.

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