This Cat Loves To Babysit Her Human Sister


When we have children of our own, it is our wish that we want them to be happy and to have what they need in life. Although we may consider their physical needs, such as a home and plenty of food on the table, we also want to ensure that they have lots of love from those around them. At times, that love may come from a human companion but at other times, it can come from a pet. As a matter of fact, the love shown from pets is one of the greatest types of love!

Back in 2010, this video was posted and it showed a four-month-old baby, named Elliott, and her BFF cat. The cat was seven years old and his name is Watson. It is obvious to see by the way they are acting that they are the best of friends.

The things that Watson is doing shows that he is being affectionate with Elliott. Although some people may question the fact that they are playing in such close proximity, there is no sign that any aggressive behavior is involved. It’s nothing more than pure family love.

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