Cute Kitten Interrupts a News Live Report


When you are filming any type of live television, you never quite know what is going to take place. In fact, as a general rule, most people will tell you to expect the unexpected and to deal with any situation that comes up as it happens. Live TV has certainly lent itself to many of the news bloopers and other issues that we come across online and often laugh at as well.

For this particular news crew, the interruption came from a very unexpected source. It wasn’t somebody walking by who was dancing or making faces in the background, it was a tiny kitten, who just couldn’t seem to get enough of the newscaster. In fact, it seemed as if he had lost his BFF and after he found him, he just kept crawling all over him until the newscaster finally held him.

This occurred on WXYZ, a Detroit television station. It didn’t take very much prodding from the kitten until it seemed as if the reporter absolutely fell in love with him. Of course, the kitten stole the show and it is a news report that is now going viral.

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