A Cat Sees His Own Reflection In The Mirror And An Epic Battle Ensues


Cats can be absolutely adorable and it doesn’t matter whether they are playing, eating or sleeping, they are an animal that can easily tug at our heartstrings. Of course, cats are not only cute to have around, they can also be a source of amusement as well when they are in our home as well. I think the cat in this video is a perfect blend of both humour and cuteness, and I’m sure you will agree.

Sometimes cats will get along with other animals quite well but there are times when they may be irritated when a strange animal is nearby. In fact, cats will sometimes face off against each other, ready to take on the world when they feel as if their area is being invaded. It seems that this cat is in such a situation, but there is only one problem; the invading cat is actually a reflection.

When cats live in the human world, there are times when it may take some time for them to get used to their surroundings. It seems that this cat is having such a problem, but hopefully he will learn about mirrors before any serious scraps happen.

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