Listen to This Cat Barking like a Dog


At times, we may fall into a category where we are told that we have an identity crisis. This can be a rather difficult time in our life, and we may not know who we truly are during the time! Even if we don’t experience something like that ourselves, we likely know somebody who has gone through an identity crisis and came out on the other side a little bit haggard. Perhaps that is what this cat is going through right now.

Have you ever heard of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing?” After seeing this feline, you will now know about a dog in cat’s clothing. When the camera first enters into the room, you can hear a dog barking out the window and you likely think that it is barking at the cat, who has his head sticking outside. When the cat turns around, however, you realize that he is the one who is barking!

There is certainly something to be said about having animals in the house. Not only do they present us with unconditional love, they also provide us with amusement in almost everything that they do. I would say that this cat’s master has quite a few laughs over his unique talent of impersonating a dog.

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