Siamese Cats Stressed out over Mom Taking Shower


There is no doubt that we love our cats, and we want to make sure that they love us in return. We provide them with everything they need for a happy life, including, plenty of food, enough exercise and if necessary, a trip to the veterinarian. In return, they provide us with a form of unconditional love that is only possible from a feline. Of course, there are times when it goes beyond that as well.

I would like to introduce you to Sharon, a mother that owns two Siamese cats. They are beautiful and she loves them, and they love her in return. They follow her around almost everywhere she goes, but they don’t follow her into the shower stall. That is where mother draws the line, but the cats are persistent with arguing about it.

Every time Sharon takes a shower, the cats go ballistic until the shower is over. It isn’t until she opens the shower door and puts out her hand that they finally begin to calm down and recognize that all is well in the world.

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