This Cat Really Hates It When Her Own Owner Sings


Have you ever had a sound that was really annoying to you? At times, it seems that the sound just continues to reverberate in our mind, even after it is not heard with the ears any longer. As an example, nails on a chalkboard is one of those sound that tends to make us cringe and sends chills down our spine. It appears as if humans are not the only ones who are susceptible to this type of problem, as this cat will soon show you.

There is no doubt that our cats love us, but there may be times when we can get on their nerves. The cat in this video is obviously distraught over the fact that her owner is singing. It’s not that the owner has a bad voice, in fact it is rather lovely, but when she starts singing a particular song by ABBA, the cat really shows her disapproval.

The cat in this video is named Sunny, and she has lived with her owner after being rescued from the desert of Saudi Arabia. There are also two other cats and a dog in the family as well.

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