Watch This Famous Cat Enjoy A Day At The Market


The internet has changed out lives in many ways. We use it for almost anything you can imagine, from getting directions to get where we’re going or finding a phone number in a matter of seconds. We also use it for something rather unusual, cat videos. That’s right, there is nothing quite like a good cat video and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m the first one to watch them when they pop up on my screen.

Although I’ve seen far too many cat videos to count, I have never seen anything quite like this. Rather than showing cute cats around the home, this one takes a step outside and shows them at a local market. Now, I know that it is all done in good fun, but it’s nice to think about what the world would be like if they actually did these things.

This video brings in some of the most popular cats of all time, many of which have their own YouTube chanel. It is a commercial by Netto, and what you about to see is so funny, it’s no wonder it is going viral.

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