A Cat Who Lives At The Bear Exhibit


We have often seen animals that live with each other in peace, even though they might not always get along the best. Perhaps it is as simple as a dog and a cat, who may seem like an unlikely pair but when they are friends, they are inseparable. Then there are the more unusual friendships, such as the dog and an elephant who did everything together on a wildlife sanctuary. That all help us to see that animals are awesome and the are peaceful at heart.

In this clip, you get to see a rather unusual pair as well. It involves a cat, names Little Bear, who wandered into the bear exhibit at the Folsom City Zoo in California. It seemed to be an unlikely place for a cat but eventually, she ended up making friends with the bears and even lives there now.

When you see these animals living together in peace, it will certainly warm your heart. It is something that we could all take into consideration and learn a lesson from the example. If a cat can get along with bears, certainly we can all get along with each other.

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