Cat’s Mind Is Totally Blown By Feline Money Box


Cats as we all know, are naturally inquisitive creatures, they like to work things out and understand things. Whilst perhaps a little naughty, this gives their owners the chance to have a little fun at their expense which is exactly what the owner of the cat in this next video did. They bought a mechanical money box where you place the money on the top of the box and then a little cat’s paw comes out from inside the box and sweeps the money back inside. For us adults watching it’s all very simple but for any cat watching it is like the biggest magic trick in the world.

When you see the video you will first of all be focused totally on the box, as it seems is the cat. Once the money grab takes place the camera swings over to the owners ginger cat, and he looks like the proverbial cat in the headlights. He doesn’t move or flinch, his entire focus and concentration are on the money box. I guess he is trying to work out where the other cat is, and he doesn’t look best impressed. Watch the video for a little laugh and if you have a cat, I wonder how you think they would react.

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