They Take Their Cat To The Vet’s Office And He Gets Very Angry That He Is There


When we make the decision to bring a cat into our home, it is with the understanding that we are going to provide them with everything that they need. It doesn’t matter if it is feeding them the right type of food, giving them necessary attention or taking them to the vet’s office when they are sick, it is important for us to carry out our responsibilities.

Sometimes, the cat isn’t necessarily going to agree with us on all of our decisions, but is still important for us to make them. That is the case with this feline, who was rather upset at her human because he took her to the veterinarian’s office for her rabies shot. Not only did she cry the whole time that she was there but she even hid under the blankets and got angry when she got home again.

If there’s something that most of us understand about cats, it’s the fact that they have an opinion and they aren’t afraid to show it. It looks as if this cat is not very happy about going to the veterinarian’s office, but she’ll get over it.

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