Hilarious Cat Uses Unusual Methods To Wake Up Her Owner


Most people who have had a cat in the house at sometime in the past would agree that they have a specific personality. All of them may be different to a limited extent but one thing that they tend to have in common is that they are impatient. If you happen to be sleeping they feel that you should be awake, there is nothing you can do to stop them from waking you.

One of the differences between cats is not that they will wake you, but it’s how they will wake you. Some are going to take their front paw and gently tap you on the cheek and others may walk back and forth across your chest while you are sleeping. The cat in this video, however, has learned to do something rather unique when she wants her owner to be awake.

Her name is Mimi-chan, and she walks right up to the bedroom door, turns around and begins thumping on the doorframe in a very rapid motion with her back feet. It is like she is knocking on the door, but she does so in a way that you absolutely could not ignore it.

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