A Cat Sees Her Owners In The Water So She Swims Right Out To Be With Them


After having cats for the majority of my life, I feel as if I have come to know them fairly well. Although it is true that each cat is his or her own “person” and they have a personality of their own, there are some things that are also similar from one feline to the next. If you were to ever see a cat step outside of the lines, so to speak, it might just shock you. That is what is shown in this video.

The cat in this video is hanging out on the beach while his owners are taking a swim in the water. I’m sure you are aware of a cat’s disdain for water. In fact, I’ve never seen one that likes being anywhere near the water, let alone in it.

That is where this cat simply defies all feline logic. When she is separated from her owners by the water, she doesn’t hesitate. She simple walks into the water and swims right out to be with them. It really shows the love she has for her humans, and they are just as surprised as us.

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