Cats Work Hard All Day Long, You’re Just Not Always Aware Of It


Cats are often accused of being lazy animals that do absolutely nothing all day but laze around and take things easy. What the human population don’t actually realise is, that by the time you walk in the door at the end of a hard days graft, your cat has also been working extremely hard, and is equally as tired as you are.

This top secret hidden camera footage will show you exactly the number of different jobs a cat can get up to within the course of their working day, and it will certainly have you thinking about never criticising or calling them lazy ever again. The skills and talent on display here are many and varied, for instance were you aware that some cats have to check daily that Gravity is still working properly? That requires a scientific brain and knowledge, that not all cats are capable of. Then we also have letter opening cats, security guards and my personal favourite, professional cuddlers. So the next time you feel like criticising your cat, just remember all of the hard work they have done all day, and they never even ask for recompense or a thank you. A simple stroke is all they yearn for. Watch the video below and learn even more about the secret lives of cats.

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