Sweet Cat Jumps Into The Pool And Surfs On Her Dog Friend’s Back


I have seen a number of impressive cats in my life but Didga is now at the top of my list. She lives in a home with a human who regularly takes in animals to care for them and to provide training. Her human, Robert Dollwet, is also a dog walker and Didga is never far behind. She loves hanging out with the dogs and even playing with them in the water.

Dollwet had the idea that Didga would be good on wheels, so he taught her how to ride on a skateboard. That is when this little shelter cat just seemed to break all of the rules. Many people would say that a cat is impossible to train but she is proving all of them wrong. Not only is it possible to train a cat, Didga is showing that it can be done in the best way possible.

One of Didga’s favourite places is by the pool, but she doesn’t just lay out in the sun to get a tan. When her dog friend is there, she jumps up on his back and has him paddle her around the pool. This cat is amazing.

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