A Shelter Cat Sees His Favourite Human And Has The Most Adorable Reaction


Any of us who has ever owned a dog realises exactly how excited they can get when we come home. In fact, it sometimes seems as if we only need to go out to the mailbox and come back again and they will greet us with an equal amount of enthusiasm. As it turns out, this love is not only confined to canines but even cats can experience it as well.

Most of us who have cats have seen them get excited when we get home, but it is usually a matter of them coming over and wanting us to pet them. That isn’t the case with this adorable shelter cat, however, who was so excited to see his human coming that he can’t contain his enthusiasm. He begins jumping up and down, looking like his hind legs are on springs!

This video has really shown me that cats have just as much of a personality as dogs. I know that it has been the content of many debates over the years, but perhaps this adorable video may just solve things once and for all.

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