7 Ways That Our Cats Creep Us Out


When we first bring a new cat into our lives, it is often with the anticipation that life is going to be lovely once they are in our household. Perhaps we envision holding a purring cat in our lap as we stroke their fur gently or we may relish in the thought of watching an adorable kitten play with a ball of yarn. In any case, it is typically all positive, fluffy thoughts but reality doesn’t always stack up the same.

Once a cat enters our house, we quickly realise that they can be a little bit different than what we see in those cute cat videos online. As a matter of fact, there are likely some behaviors that will be exhibited by your feline that are not only unusual, they may just freak you out. Don’t worry, these creepy cats behaviors are experienced by all feline owners. It’s something that you will come to appreciate, over the course of time.

As you watch these 7 different ways that cats exhibit creepy behavior, you are sure to recognise them in your own life as well. Make sure you watch until the end, however, because the biggest creepy surprise comes last.

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