Cat Sees A Printer Feeding Paper And Starts A Fight


Most of us think about a cat and the first thing we envision is a little ball of fur curled up next to us. Of course, cats certainly can be charming but there is no doubt they also have some quirks from time to time as well. One of the things we quickly learn about cats when we have one in the house is the fact that they are quite curious. In fact, the phrase, “curiosity killed the cat” takes on a whole new meaning.

Sometimes, our cats can be a little unpredictable as well. We may have had something in the house for a very long time and suddenly, the cat takes an interest in it and often does so in the funniest way ever. That was the case with this cat and the household printer.

The cat was sitting next to the printer, probably curious over the noises it was making while it warmed up. Suddenly, the printer started to do what it’s does best, feed paper from the pile and spit it out in another location. It was just too much for the feline to handle and he threw a fit in the funniest way possible.

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