Humourous Advert Shows Just How Gangster Our Cats Can Be


It seems as if the world has become absolutely obsessed with cats. Not only are the great pets, cat videos and pictures are some of the most popular things on the internet. In fact, some people simply surf from one cat video to another, and an hour or more can go by before we realise it. If you are someone who loves cats, you are certain to get a kick out of this unique cat advert. It is the best cat video I’ve seen in ages.

The advert joins a number of cats who have a sole purpose in life. As most of us know, cats hate to take baths but these cats have decided to do something about it. They regroup after bath time, taking an oath that it will never happen again. It seems like the perfect plan, but something goes wrong.

The group of gangster felines heads to the loo, determined that they will never allow themselves to be given a bath again. When they open the door, however, they find a surprise that they weren’t expecting. In fact, it is enough to change their mind about their revolt!

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