A Peacock Wanders Onto The Porch And Teases This Adorable Kitten


Any of us who have ever had a kitten realise that there are certain things that are just irresistible to them. We often think about a kitten playing with a ball of yarn, but if you hold any type of a feather up in the air, it is certainly going to start an amazingly fun game. It appears as if that is also a possibility in real life.

I’d like to introduce you to Henry, who is a neighbourhood Peacock that just seems to hangout and show off his feathers. Peacocks are rather amazing creatures, not always extremely friendly but they can be quite showy when they decide to fan their tailfeathers out. Unfortunately for Henry, it was also irresistible to this little kitten.

The mother cat doesn’t seem all that interested in the bird but the little kitten can’t resist going after his feet and feathers. It is quite amusing to watch, and something that you probably never expected to see. It’s interesting to note that, although cats and birds have notoriously not been friendly with each other, they can get along if they are raised together.

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