Man Rescues 22 Cats And Transforms His House Into A Feline Paradise


There are many of us who have rescued cats at some point in our life. It makes us feel good about the situation, because we gave them a better life but in many cases, they gave us a better life as well. Obviously, that is why this man has rescued 22 cats, but he has gone above and beyond in giving them a comfortable and loving home.

After adopting 22 cats, he transformed his home into the ultimate paradise for felines. It includes a number of walkways, perches, ramps and tunnels that allow the cats to get all of the activity that they could possibly need. Not only can they climb and get some exercise, they can simply hang out on their perch and survey their domain. He started on the project back in 1988, and it has a really grown since that time.

When he first started, he was only caring for feral cats but since that time, he has adopted many other cats and saved them from a sorry fate. He continued to get more elaborate with his design and building, and the cats really seem to love it.

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