Cat Hugs Her Kitten To Calm Her From A Nightmare


There is nothing quite like the love of a mother for her children, and it is something that all of us have experiences at some point in our lives. It doesn’t matter if it is being comforted during a thunderstorm or if it is getting that special hug when we fall down and scrape our knee, it is something that pulls us closer to those that love us the most.

It seems as if this natural love is not only limited to humans. When you see this video of a kitten having a bad dream, you will love how the mother cat responds. After all, it is one of the most loving and caring displays of affections, and it is done naturally. You could never stage an event like this.

We could all learn a lesson from this cat. When those who depend on us for care really need us, we should be there for them with open arms. Showing love is not a sign of weakness, it is something all of us need and it is even a sign of strength toward those we love the most.

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